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I am so thrilled to bring to you this highly entertaining, interesting, and fun interview with Kate Casey! The interview will explain more about her, but if you don’t know (you should), Kate is a Philly-area native who now lives in sunny Southern California writing, podcasting (Reality Life with Kate Casey), and doing comedy, especially on twitter (@katecasey), covering all things pop culture and reality TV. Kate generously agreed to answer a few questions for the blog ranging from Philadelphia sports, favorite podcasts and reality shows, and even offering advice for those who have yet to venture into The Bachelor. Check out her interview below and be sure to follow her on social media and subscribe to her podcast!

Most may know you from your hit podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey, what is it about reality TV that you love so much that you literally podcast about it?

Unscripted television is essentially a window into someone else’s world. I am infinitely curious about people and they way they live and communicate. People willing to be filmed are giving us access to their world.

What was the first reality TV show that hooked you to the point you knew you were a reality tv head and you wanted more?

Real World marathons on MTV when I was home from boarding school (Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA).

Do you have a favorite Real Housewives franchise? You can even go as specific as a certain cast, season, or trip if you feel strongly enough…

Real Housewives of New York because they most mirror the kind of people I grew up with and enjoy being around. They are all sophisticated, complicated women with pretty thick skin. I loved the trip to Scary Island.

Follow-up, right now, what’s the best reality TV show on air?

Right now? I think the docuseries that Netflix are distributing are not only most interesting, but more on point for the future of unscripted tv.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of great reality TV that exists?

Not for quality programming. I get overwhelmed when I need to watch something with a weak concept and garbage talent.

If you’re not watching reality TV, what else would we find you watching or doing?

I love great books and a great podcast. (Though I do have a big family, so most of my time outside work is with them).

I am a die-hard Bravo fan, but I’ve struggled to get into the Bachelor franchise (don’t kill me! My sister has!). Tell me what I am missing and is it too late to get started?

It is never too late to get started, but I recommend going back in time so you can appreciate contestants before the all became influencer focused. Netflix is now showing Jason Mesnick’s season, which is a really bizarre season. It is in no way realistic, which makes it so fun to watch – especially with friends.

You’ve declared 2020 the year of collaboration both on twitter and your podcast as well as podcasts you’ve guested on, why do you think it’s so important to collaborate?

We are saturated by shows, so it is really hard to make a mark in media, regardless of which platform you focus. I think we can all help one another grow the market. I like to think of it as introducing your friends to a whole new circle.

You’re a Philly-area native, as am I and most of my audience at this point, is there anything Philly that you do or say that has remained all these years and moves later? Follow-up, do you support your hometown Philadelphia Eagles or follow any sports for that matter?

I have noticed over the last few years that my kids have Philadelphia accents because of listening to me. Is it bad I don’t fix their pronunciation of certain words? For example, they say I “sall” it as opposed to saw. They have long a’s like I do. I have brainwashed them into following Philadelphia sports teams. I am so proud to be from Philly, and while I live in a beautiful place you can never beat the people from home. I also send away for Tastykakes.

You’ve written blogs, books, comedy, and have since moved into podcasts and other creative areas, what has that experience been like, and what would you recommend to those just starting out on their blog/podcast journey?

Talk or write about the things that matter to you, the things that you are passionate about; otherwise it will feel like work.

I discovered your podcast while searching for something reality TV-related to listen to while working and was completely obsessed with your hilarious interviews with the most diverse guests (Real World, Road Rules, Housewives, Bachelor, etc.) on any pod but also your reality TV deep dives are second-to-none. Who has been your favorite interview? Do you have a favorite show/topic you love talking about?

I love talking to people with seemingly everyday jobs who are obsessed with shows outside their wheelhouse. For example, when someone who is an orthopedic surgeon loves Vanderpump Rules. My favorite guests have been Shangela, Spice Adams, Margaret Josephs, the team behind Abducted in Plain Sight and Leaving Neverland.

How have you been able to interview so many notable people in the reality TV world?

I hustle. I try to work every angle I have.

You’ve mentioned before some podcasts you’ve collaborated with or been a guest on, what are your favorite podcasts?

Fortunately, the shows in my space are hosted by my friends, like Watch What Crappens. I also love Kate and Oliver Hudson’s new podcast too. I love true crime shows.

I heard you most recently on So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey say that your husband sits next to you watching other things while you watch your favorite reality shows, what is he watching?

He watches scripted shows and war movies. Can you believe he says watching screaming housewives is depressing, but Zero Dark 30 is uplifting?

What advice can you offer the partners of reality TV-loving humans that maybe don’t fully understand the draw?

There are reality shows for everybody.

I am fully obsessed with Cheer on Netflix, as are you, and most smart humans, what do you think makes the show so compelling for people who have no interest in cheerleading?

It is the Friday Night Lights of the cheerleading world.

I think Cheer represents the interest of my blog perfectly, the intersection of sport and reality TV (which are becoming one in the same). Do you think the emergence of shows like Cheer, Hard Knocks, Total Divas, and other sports-related reality shows are becoming more of the norm?

I think more people like to watch those who work hard, versus someone plucked from obscurity who becomes famous for wearing a bandeau top.

Okay, couple of quick thoughts on our favorite Bravo shows:

You do/have done standup comedy, honest thoughts on Dayna from Vanderpump Rules standup?

Dayna is great because she has dead pan humor, like me.

Where does your BS-meter land on the Brandi Glanville/Denise Richards rumored love affair/drama?

Oddly true.

Will RHONY still be the gold standard franchise without Bethenny and now potentially Tins?

My friend is a producer and assures me it will not disappoint.

I loved your interview with your real-life friend and newest cast member of RHOC, Braunwyn, does she fill you in on the drama while it’s happening? What has it been like to know someone filming a Real Housewives show?

A little bit, but they actually don’t always know what is going on while they film. It is not until they see the episode does it all make sense to them.

Lastly, if you could bring back one Bravo show that’s currently dead, which would it be? (I’m torn on this one, maybe Ladies of London or Princesses Long Island…)

Ladies of London with a new cast. But I have something up my sleeve, so hold tight.

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