Ew, David! And Other Notes from Week 7 in the NFL

fantasy football roundup

I told myself I wouldn’t make this post about Schitt’s Creek again (yes, I am officially on my second re-watch of the entire series), but after the two Davids (Johnson and Montgomery) combined for 1.1 points, I just couldn’t help myself…


The Davids weren’t the only ones to “drop the ball” (LOL) in fantasy this week, checkout this team comparison:

Tarik Cohen was trolled by the Saints for being short, and as someone who relates to this feeling, I am HERE for his response:

I can’t even really talk about the Eagles game (I’m still too depressed), but this tweet gave me life (can you imagine Julio catching dimes from Carson – unlike a certain $9 million-dollar receiver we currently have cough Nelson Agholor cough). I’d throw in a kidney….

I think I picked the perfect time to move to Baltimore because this team Raven’s team is FUN:

Mediocre Mitch showed up again Sunday to remind everyone that he might not be better than former lifetime backup Mike Glennon:

Aaron Rodgers gave an MVP-like performance Sunday against the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders, throwing for 5, yes 5 TDs and rushing for one more! Impressive showing considering he was throwing to the ultimate bum TE Jimmy Graham and a whole bunch of no-name receivers (and his stellar running backs in all fairness). Let’s check in on Raiders coach Jon Gruden, shall we?

Some people (my husband) maybe benched Aaron Rodgers in favor of some other QBs (Kyler Murray) that have been outscoring Rodgers. This one, this one hurts those people.

The San Francisco 49ers beat (but it wasn’t really a fight) the team from Washington in what looked like every little kid’s dream, a mud-fest.

Colts HC Frank Reich continue to work his magic in Indy, beating the Houston Texans and MVP-candidate Deshaun Watson a week (plus a bye) after beating Patrick Mahomes, all without a guy by the name of Andrew Luck. Colts’ QB Jacoby Brissett is playing as well as anyone right now and Eagles fans everywhere are watching and wondering, was it all Frank? (I don’t think it was all Frank, but he is very clearly a great coach and was a big part of the Eagles success while here). We talk a lot about offense, but that Colt’s defense is playing with more fire than any team I’ve seen this season.

The Jalen Ramsey sweepstakes winner, the Rams, beat up on the flailing Falcons in a game that featured this gem of a moment for Atlanta:

Is Ramsey the answer for a team that scored 3 points in the 2019 Super Bowl? We will have to wait a few more weeks to find out!

We are all thoroughly sick of the Patriots by now, here is their season (of playing cupcakes) in a nutshell (aka one tweet):

And finally, Jets QB Sam Darnold was leaning into the Halloween spirit Monday night, getting spooked left and right by Patriots defenders:

Week 8 kicks off Thursday with Washington playing the Vikings, so I guess we will have to wait until Sunday for some good football! In other news, the NBA season starts today, so if your NFL team (or fantasy team) stinks here’s to hoping your NBA team fares better!


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