In Memoriam of Tom Brady’s Career, or Not

Tom Brady Fantasy Football

Leave it to Tom to overshadow the coveted “Championship Sunday” with the will-he or won’t-he retire saga we all knew was coming. On a snowy Saturday in the Northeast, the heat in Tampa Bay was rising as news broke that Tom Brady was retiring. Once Adam Schefter said it, we all knew the GOAT was gone (for many of us, finally!):

The NFL world began posting their odes to Tom, one after another celebrating the career of one of the most legendary QBs to ever play the game:

Some even had fun reminding Tom of the good times they shared:

But Tom decided to set the record straight:

The real question is does Tom actually retire this year or is it just the start of another comeback tale?

It is likely we will know the fate of Tom Brady sooner than later, and at that time, many other shoes will drop. In an offseason when Big Ben has already retired, Aaron Rodgers may switch divisions, Tom stepping away creates a wide-open NFC conference. The era of the young QB has already begun with the emergence of Patrick Mahomes (duh), Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson to name a few, so the league is in good hands (arms?). Some have never experienced an NFL without Tom Brady, to which I say, how old are you?? But really, for such a large chunk of time, the NFL has been dominated by the talk of Tom Brady and even after his team has been eliminated, here we are again…If you can’t get enough Tom (LOL) then you could always pick up his TB12 method book or memorialize his football cards!

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