National Tight Ends (Day) and Other Week 8 Notes

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It was mentioned during the Eagles/Bills broadcast that Sunday was National Tight End Day. I thought they were kidding, but twitter told me otherwise with lots of trending tight ends…In celebration, we will focus on tight ends, so many in fact you will wish it was national loose end day (how does that sound so much worse?). I have no idea how or why this is a thing and who convinced all the NFL social media to lean into it, but here we are, so let’s break it down with a lil Tight End Roundup:

Let’s start in Philadelphia with Dallas Goedert, who was 3-22 and a TD in a much-needed Eagles victory! Goedert is the 2 in the 1-2 punch of TEs in Philadelphia, but with Ertz struggling (and drawing focus) away from Goedert, he has been a surprisingly consistent player over the last few weeks:

But I like Dallas Goedert for reasons like this:

Next, we have George Kittle and the red-hot San Francisco 49ers! Was Sunday National Tight End Day? LOL


The NFL even let Cincinnati get in on the action, with Tyler Eifert rising from the depths of forgotten to catch a pass!

Sam Darnold can see tight ends as well as he sees ghosts here:

Surprise fantasy stud Darren Waller got in on the fun, bringing a little NBA to the NFL:

Where are my Evan Engram fantasy owners at? This one’s for you!

These are my favorite tweets from #NationalTightEndDay because why not?

And lastly, you can’t ignore the truth here. Happy National Tight End Day everyone!

Other Week 8 Notes:

I watched this clip 100 times and I still can’t figure out what is happening here…

Aaron Rodgers continued his other-worldly play with this gem:

This is RB David Montgomery (the title story in my week 7 post) running over my dreams of fantasy championships…as me and many of his devoted fantasy owners finally had the courage to bench one of the best and underused weapons on a limping Chicago Bears offense:

And this just further confuses things going forward:

Saints QB Drew Brees returned from his thumb injury and threw 3 TDs for those of us who started him after his long absence, you were indeed rewarded! On the other side of the football, Texans DE J.J. Watt tore his pectoral muscle and will once again miss the rest of the season. A real bummer for a guy that has ended his season on IR 3 times in the last 4 seasons. The 49ers (with the terrifyingly good Nick Bosa) and Patriots remained undefeated for another week, and Colts HC Frank Reich did what very few have been able to do, win a pass interference coach’s challenge, another feather in Frank’s illustrious cap!

And finally, the trade deadline is today (Oct 29) at 4 pm (ET). A few moves have been made- Jets DE Leonard Williams to the Giants and Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake is headed to Arizona, but NFL reporters all over the twittersphere suggest more chaos will surely ensure prior to 4 pm. Stay tuned!


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