Old Friends and a Lame Hat: Championship Weekend

conference weekend

For the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, dreams were achieved as both punched their ticket to South Beach for Super Bowl 54. For the rest of us, we watched two blowouts and started to look forward to Mahomes vs. 49ers defense, Super Bowl commercials, and Shakira/JLo in two weeks.

As we cling to what’s left of the NFL season, we all look for ways to find connections to the Super Bowl. Eagles fans around the country (with the exception of the minority- you know, the same people that still want Nick Foles) are happy and even excited to see our old friend Andy Reid return to the Super Bowl, 15 years since taking the Eagles to the promise land, only to lose. I, for one, am rooting for Big Red and hope he finally gets his long-deserved Super Bowl. The man is truly a legend.

The Chiefs stomped the Titans after doing their new thing of falling behind, this time 10-0, before storming back and stepping on the other team’s throats. I thought the Chiefs defense really stepped up for them in the second half, but you can’t deny the other-worldly talent of Patrick Mahomes which elevates their offense to a level most teams can only dream of…

In the late game, well it wasn’t much of a game. My twitter feed was filled with some historically bad revisionist history about the Eagles letting Raheem Mostert walk in 2015 after a solid preseason (this is so lame I refuse to even validate it further), the lack of passing attempts by Jimmy G, and mostly, Rob Lowe’s hat! Just your run of the mill gameday topics…

Who wears an NFL logo hat???? Anyway, this was the other story at halftime…

Jimmy finished with 8 TOTAL pass attempts in the game for a grand total of 27 in two playoff games. I have a feeling Jimmy G pass attempts in the Super Bowl will be one of the top prop bets, no? The passing stats are really striking, but who cares when you can run the ball the way they do? Regardless if you like these teams, have any interest in these teams, or hate these teams, this Super Bowl matchup will be a fun one to watch!

And the final highlight of the weekend came if you, like me, ditched the blowout for the SAG awards. Yes, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt both gave speeches, both admired each other’s speeches (longingly even), and then THEY TOUCHED BACKSTAGE! These old, single friends, bumping into each other at the last few award shows, have truly set the internet on fire as seen in the series of tweets below:

Your welcome.


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