The NFL Draft Made Us Feel Again…For Better or Worse

2020 NFL Draft

For the last few weeks, I actually found excitement within for the NFL Draft, the first tinge of excitement towards a sporting event in what feels like years now. I’ve taken a hiatus from posting, like many, the creativity isn’t exactly flowing during a time of uncertainty and you know, a pandemic, but then the NFL draft happened and it reminded me of everything I love and hate about sports! YAY!

Sure, the draft was pieced together with remote broadcasts, but in a phrase I rarely write, the league did a nice job putting on this event especially in this time of need. Yes, Roger Goodell is definitely 25% human and 75% robot, and yes I came to that calculation because a robot would be 100% accurate and he certainly was not. And yes, the broadcast lagged on players and celebrations but some of that was technical and some of that is the usual. I really liked seeing the players celebrating with their families, like these sweet moments:

Well maybe not that one, but how about this one:

A nice treat this year was seeing the coaches and GMs home (or hotel?) setups for the night. Some were elaborate with screens on screens on desks with trophies in the background, and some were Zac Taylor.

Kids, strive to be a Kliff when you grow up…

The draft kicked off as expected with Joe Burrow heading to the Bengals to be the next Andy Dalton, followed by Chase Young to that team from Washington, but the real highlights or lowlights, depending on your team, were the quarterbacks selected!

The first shocker was the Packers selecting Utah State QB Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick:

Regardless of the comparison to Rodgers and Favre, you can’t imagine Rodgers is happy considering he was throwing to one of the worst receiving corps in the league excluding Davante Adams who was hurt for a long stretch.

But rightttt when you think the QB controversy of the draft will land solely in Green Bay, the Eagles, oh my beloved Eagles, threw their name into the running for worst pick of the weekend! With the 53rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles (the team that just gave their franchise QB $110 MILLION guaranteed) select… Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma. I need a minute.

Want to feel something again, be an Eagles fan and feel this! I love Jalen Hurts as a player, I don’t LOVE him as an Eagle. Sure, now that he is ours I will get excited but for a few days now, I haven’t thought about the potential meat shortage or antibody test, I just keep thinking, HOW WILL THE EAGLES USE JALEN HURTS? Naturally, Eagles twitter did not take kindly to this selection either…

And you know it’s a dark day in Philadelphia when we look to Howard Eskin for positivity and good vibes:

Pair the Hurts pick with nearly perfect draft grades for the division rival Cowboys and close behind the team from Washington and the Giants and we are reallllly reaching for some reassurance this draft wasn’t the epitome of 2020 for the Eagles.

Hopefully, we get to see all of this play out in the 2020 NFL season, but I, like everyone else, will not get ahead of myself quite yet. Hang in there, friends, at least your team didn’t draft a stud QB in the second round to send shockwaves through your fanbase and franchise QB!


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