The Ultimate Fantasy Football Pop Playlist

Fantasy Football Playlist

In honor of the co-release of this blog and LOVER, a post felt extremely necessary. (LOVER is the new Taylor Swift album and it is romantical pop genius, do yourself a favor and listen to it to bless your ears with the sounds of sunshine and smiles. I wrote this post before the album release so you could easily add Death by a Thousand Cuts to this playlist*). Anywaysssss, I love playing DJ when I’m with my friends, many of them remember my stellar 6-hour (concert) playlist I put on for NYE in 2016…Music fuels our workouts, gets us through long days, and keeps us dancing all night, why leave out Fantasy Sundays? This blog was named after a true musical icon (sweet sweet fantasy babaaayyy), so I thought we should make the ultimate fantasy football pop playlist to lift us up and keep the party going all Sunday long, win or lose.

The Complete Fantasy Football Playlist Collection:

(You Drive Me) Crazy- Britney Spears
  • I just can’t sleep

  • All I Do is Win- DJ Khaled
  • That Tuesday morning feeling when you mobile order your Starbucks, stroll in, grab it, and breeze out in front of a long line

  • Champion- Kanye West
  • Goals people, goals

  • No Promises- Cheat Code ft Demi Lovato
  • It’s a sleeper’s league

  • Ready For It?- Taylor Swift
  • September 5th anyone?

  • Irreplaceable- Beyoncé
  • Antonio Brown’s helmet?

  • I Knew You Were Trouble- T. Swift
  • But you took him anyway…So it Goes! (Tay gets fantasy football amiright?)

  • Die Young- Kesha
  • This song goes hand in hand with Demi’s Heart Attack because sometimes your entire week rest on the foot of a Bears’ kicker (Double Doink?)

  • How Will I Know- Whitney Houston
  • You won’t, until the final injury reports to come out at 12:55 pm…

  • Bad Blood- T. Swift
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer (aka don’t make bad trades)

  • Run the World? (Girls)- Beyoncé
  • I won’t even waste your time explaining

  • Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande
  • Yes, just yes

  • Heartbreaker- Mariah Carey
  • Our Queen knows, football is a game of heartbreak, but we prefer dancing around a movie theater with Jay-Z to a Matt Stafford game-winning drive interception

  • Gimme More- Britney Spears
  • Another pop queen who unknowingly sang about needing more out of her players, thanks Britt!

  • No Scrubs- TLC
  • No thanks, can’t get no love from us

  • Cry Me a River- JT followed by No Tears Left to Cry by Ari
  • Me when I lost by 0.3 points at the hands of a no-name Panthers running back (Cameron Artis Payne, like WHAT?) who scored 3 touchdowns and for real never played again like EVER (is he even in the league someone tell me!)

  • Believe- Cher
  • Pace yourself, the regular season takes a long tttiiiioooommeee

  • Waiting for Tonight- JLo
  • Monday Night Football in a nutshell (and now no Jason Witten woooo!)

  • Breathin- Ari
  • A song that explains deep breathing has never felt more necessary

  • It’s Gonna Be Me- NSYNC
  • I’m all about that confidence

  • My Heart Will Go On- Céline Dion
  • There’s always next season

    The football season is full of Emotions, but we know you will Make it Happen and get to that One Sweet Day! Cue the music!
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