Top 10 Things to Like About Super Bowl 54

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Every Super Bowl is different, we know this. Some games are incredibly epic, some are kind of boring until the end, some become a blowout, and some have half times with wardrobe malfunctions. Not every game will have a Philly Philly or a helmet catch, but you can always find something worthwhile in the circus that is the Super Bowl. Here are our top 10 things to like about Super Bowl 54:

10. As Will Smith once sang, “welcome to miaaaami” where we had a week of celebrity/athlete sightings at beach parties and nightclub events. Miami was the place to be and it was fun to see who would turn up where, like Bill Belichick at Gronk’s beach party:

9. The NFL honored Kobe Bryant at the Super Bowl with a moment of silence and a beautiful gesture:

8. The play that changed the game. Clutch players make plays as Patrick Mahomes hits Tyreek Hill for a long gain on 3rd down to take back the momentum this time for good:

7. A sign of the times, tweets were literally falling from the sky…

6. We all knew this was going to be awkward if they ended up losing…but weren’t we all John Lynch? Shanahan once again placing himself directly in the line of fire after another Super Bowl collapse, more on that later.

5. The commercials. The commercials almost always underwhelm but I was mildly entertained if we’re being honest.

And it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl without someone or some group of people getting outraged, but this was the real controversy of my night:

One line and a table flip? That’s it!?

4. History was made by someone other than Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid:

3. The halftime show. Where do we begin?? Shakira and Jennifer Lopez LIT up the stage, dancing, singing, playing instruments, making political statements, and J.Lo even sang with her daughter! The choreography was insane, the stage design, lighting, and visual elements were equally stunning. If you weren’t entertained and if you were offended, please go elsewhere because these ladies absolutely crushed this performance. Queen appreciating queen:

2. At the end of this Super Bowl two legacies were cemented, the first:

1. The second, Andy Reid finally winning his first Super Bowl be it with 2 timeouts and ending with a 4th and 26. The story could not have been written any better. The sports world just suffered an immense loss in Kobe Bryant, and it was so fitting and oddly poetic that another national treasure, Andy Reid, wins his first and long deserved Super Bowl a week later. Nothing unites us like rooting for the good guy. Congratulations to Andy Reid and the KC Chiefs. Check out some of the people who couldn’t wait to congratulate Big Red:

First, Andy’s former organization and home for 14 years, the Philadelphia Eagles, posted this classy message:

Former player and Eagle favorite Jason Kelce was supporting his brother Travis and his old coach:

He hates Donovan, but he loves Andy:

The King:

And as with most current events, Chris Long said it best:

Time’s Yours, Andy!


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