Top Hits: NFL Week 1 Recap

nfl sunday 2020

For the first time in a long time, Sunday felt somewhat normal. The cool, crisp fall weather here on the East coast paired with a full slate of NFL games and the remnants of the “Fall Sangria” I drank the night before really hammered home that fall has arrived. I have no idea if football will continue COVID-free, but while we have it, let’s talk about it as much as possible, shall we?

Week 1 in the NFL was bound to be full of surprises because it is 2020. We knew teams may be rusty or struggling with new coaches and no preseason, and can we talk about the odd pumped in crowd noise that led me astray on numerous occasions- I never realized how much the crowd reaction helps me make a decision on a tight play or know which way a flag is going! I could write 5,000 words each week deep diving on Tom Brady’s terrible debut or James Conner ruining people’s fantasy lives, but this week, something specific caught my eye, and caught Carson Wentz about 8 times on Sunday…the play of defensive lines across the league were the hardest hitting story this week:

We will start with the second overall pick in last year’s draft, Chase Young, DE on that team from Washington. Chase and his fellow lineman were in Carson Wentz’ lap alllll day due to some terrible offensive line play, terrible decision making my Carson, and terrible coaching by Doug P. Regardless, the Washington front 7 will be a monster for many more teams this season. Check out Chase Young’s first NFL sack courtesy of the turnstile Eagles:

Tom Brady took some hits and threw some picks, I guess he left his magic in New England…here he is about to be demolished the Saints’ Demario Davis:

You guys, I’m legitimately scared of Aaron Donald. Did you see this? He took down the Cowboys O-line like bowling pins, total beast. Run, run far away from this man.

The Steeler’s defensive front also put on a nice show for Monday Night Football, sacking Danny Dimes three times and intercepting him twice. Hits like these must not feel very good after a prime-time loss:

The Colt’s Denico Autry is tied for the league lead (lol) with two sacks to start this young season, here he is ripping down the mustache man Gardner Minshew in a losing effort:

Lastly, the reigning champs showcased their abundance of talent on Thursday night, beating the Texans handedly. Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense did what Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense does, but the Chiefs’ defensive, led by Chris Jones, really impressed:

My back is sore just watching all these clips! Although the Eagles tried hard to ruin the opening weekend of the NFL for me, the excitement of non-stop football kept my spirit alive. We have a long (I mean hopefully?) season ahead of us, so buckle up and get your ice packs ready!


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