Wide Receiver Swag: NFL Week 3 Recap

This morning three Tennessee Titans players were diagnosed with COVID-19, and in response, both the Vikings (the team they played in Week 3) and the Titans are shutting down their facilities for the remainder of the week. It is unclear what may happen with both teams Week 4 games; however, we did have an exciting Week 3 of football so let’s try to enjoy reliving some flashy wide receiver play and other odds and ends.
A team is only as good as its quarterback, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have some fast and athletic wide receivers lining up next to him. In Week 3, we saw Vikings rookie WR Justin Jefferson explode with 7 catches for 175 yards and 1 TD, and a little celebration swag to top it off:

Bills QB Josh Allen appears to have taken a major step forward this season, but that can be partially attributed to his revamped receiving corps featuring current top 5 receiver Stefon Diggs. Watch below to see Peyton Manning break down a great route by Diggs and a better throw by Allen:

Russell Wilson looks like an MVP-candidate through 3 weeks, tossing the prettiest deep ball in the game to guys like Tyler Lockett and second year monster DK Metcalf. The young guy still has some growing to do, but Metcalf gives me major Calvin Johnson Megatron vibes with a Terrell Owens spirit:

The Chiefs stable of wide receivers is no secret, Mecole Hardman, Tyreek Hill, and Sammy Watkins all have elite speed and great hands, but no one was game planning to stop Eric Fisher on Monday night! Credit to Big Red for the creativity and real ones also noticed his classic shovel pass to the fullback for a TD play call…

Aaron Rodgers bested Drew Brees on Sunday Night Football, but the Saint’s decision to use Taysom Hill may have been the difference in the game. First, Hill elected not to pull the trigger and throw to his open receivers, and his costly late-game fumble setup the game-winning field goal…

Should the Saints continue to insert Hill into big spots in the game? Sean Payton has some thinking to do…and some people to pay?

Odell Beckham Jr’s athleticism was on full display Sunday, not for his majestic catching ability but rather his defensive back play…that finger wag though…

Since we already referenced Megatron and this is a wide receiver post, why not say Happy (belated) Birthday to a real GOAT and one of my all time favorites:

Some other notables from the weekend include the Denver Broncos filling their stands with the cast of South Park:

Week 3 was historical for women in football and we look forward to more representation throughout the season and in years to come!

Maybe this should be a permanent segment of the post, but the most meme-able moment of the weekend goes to Cam Newton!

Did you have a favorite moment from the weekend- good or bad? Let us know in the comments or hit us on social media! We have no idea what lies ahead for the NFL season but at least we can relive Week 3 through this post…


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