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I received my Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology all while being watched by a giant 3-ft, signed, Brian Westbrook Big Head hanging in my lab (picture to prove it) which didn’t really land with the other scientist believe it or not (example, is that Michael Jordan?)…I am a Philly native now living in the Charm City and yes, I am a die-hard Eagles fan- don’t @ me! I’m a reigning Fantasy Football champion and still riding the high of a Super Bowl (Philly Philly!) so now felt like as good a time as any to roll this blog out to the world! I love to turn on Red Zone and watch the games from the comfort of my home with my couch, my fridge, and my dog Jonas (and my husband). My true life’s passions are, in no order, football, science, and pop culture (anything Bravo will do, no Bachelor for me, sorry!) and this blog will be dedicated to at least one of those things, and spoiler it’s not science!

Brian Westbrook

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  • Dieners 5 years ago

    I love your blog!!! It’s sooo you!!! Just another accomplishment…very proud❤️

  • Jonathan Lambert 5 years ago


    OMG! Except for the eagles fandom this is awesome!

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