Thanks For Giving Us Football

Thanksgiving, like literally everything in 2020, will look different this year for many families everywhere. The one constant, football, will somehow persist so you can watch the miserable Dallas Cowboys play the miserable Washington Football Team on Zoom together if you so choose! As we head into the final quarter of the season and teams jockey for a playoff spot or a better draft pick, I thought we could evaluate what teams and fans are the most thankful for in this strange, winding season.

For a handful of teams, it is REALLY hard to find anything to be thankful for. Take the Eagles for example, should we be thankful for Doug’s terrible playcalling and Carson Wentz’s regression? Or should we be grateful for the special teams being a colossal disaster week after week or the defense getting beat by Daniel Jones’s legs far too many times? I think we can be thankful for Travis Fulgham emerging as a competent, consistent wide receiver, something we haven’t seen in quite literally years.

Cowboys’ fans are grateful for a head coach that takes a sledgehammer to watermelons to get the boys going!

The Washington Football Team can actually be legitimately thankful for Alex Smith’s health because without him at this point they would be embarrassing. Also, in all seriousness grateful for Alex Smith’s heath, what a story!

The New York Giants fans are feeling grateful that Saquon has huge quads and his recovery from an ACL tear could be one of the most impressive yet! Other than that, they might be grateful for not being the Eagles, WFT, or Cowboys.

The Jets should be thankful for Joe Flacco? What a sentence.

The Bills’ fans are thankful that Kirk Cousins couldn’t figure out how to get Stefon Diggs the ball, so now Josh Allen gets to do it all day long on Sundays.

The Dolphins are thankful for their head coach who seems to have really changed the culture of a notoriously badddd team that now has a direction and a bright young QB.

The Patriots are thankful they can blame all their problems on cap space and losing Tom Brady.
The Saints are thankful Taysom Hill won in his debut as starting QB, otherwise, they would have been the laughingstock of the league. Also thankful for the image of Jameis Winston eating Ws, that will never get old.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thankful for Todd Bowles and a decent defense since Tom Brady vacillates between a cooked Thanksgiving turkey and a spry young bird.

The Carolina Panthers are grateful for their offensive coordinator Joe Brady, who may not be around longer than pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving night with his early success.

The Falcons have given up, so they are just thankful Dan Quinn is finally gone.

The Packers are grateful for Davante Adams and only Davante Adams because the organization refuses to give Aaron Rodgers a second WR no matter how good they could be if they had one. Fun!

The Detroit Lions want you to check back in next Thanksgiving to see if Matt Patricia is gone by then, if so, they will be thankful!

The Bears are thankful for a season-long debate about who should be their starting QB, why does this sound so familiar?? Regardless, it keeps everyone from talking about how mediocre they are week after week.

The Vikings are thankful for Justin Jefferson, the young study wide receiver that keeps Kirk Cousins contract from being talked about…

The Chiefs are thankful they are the Chiefs, so that means they are thankful for Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, CEH, Le’Veon Bell, Travis Kelce…this isn’t even fair.

The Raiders are grateful they moved to Las Vegas and play in a Star Wars-esque stadium. Maybe also for Derek Carr’s improved play, a close 1-2.

The Broncos’ are grateful for Brandon McManus’s leg (and so is my husband’s fantasy team).
The Chargers are probably the most thankful to that doctor that stabbed Tyrod Taylor in the chest opening the door for Justin Herbert to wow us every single week and for years to come.

The Rams are thankful that fans are not allowed in their stadium, so they don’t have to be embarrassed every week at their lack of home-field…

The Seahawks are grateful for DK Metcalf, and ONLY DK Metcalf. Take that every other NFL team!

The Cardinals are thankful that the now-jobless Bill O’Brien so kindly traded them the best receiver in football, De’Andre Hopkins, for an injured David Johnson. It is fleece season!

The 49ers are grateful that at some point this season will end, and when it does, they can just forget the entire year like the rest of us.

The Steelers are thankful for the easy schedule that has them as the only undefeated team in the league!

The Ravens are grateful for another crack at the Steelers on Thanksgiving Sunday.

The Bengals are thankful for the promise of a franchise QB in Joe Burrow.

The Browns are thankful for two elite running backs to cover up for Baker Mayfield!

There is no doubt 2020 has been the hottest of messes, but despite everything, we still have lots to be thankful for, enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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