Hawking People Down: Week 7 NFL Recap

There’s one play from Week 7 that rises above the rest, and it’s very clearly DK Metcalf tracking, no, hunting down Cardinals safety Buddha Baker after an atrocious Russell Wilson redzone interception.

It doesn’t even matter that Russ played uncharacteristically poor at times, that my man Tyler Lockett scored 3 touchdowns and had like 50 fantasy points (hayyyyy he’s on my squad), or that Kyler Murray officially entered the M.V.P conversation, because DK Metcalf continues to haunt every team that passed on him in the draft (yes, teams other than the Eagles passed on him!). Not only was DK the best play of the weekend, he was our most meme-able, click the images for a LOL:

Can we take a quick detour into the actual most meme-able moment that literally broke today, brought to you by the endlessly out of touch Kardashians!
First, the original tweet:

Now the response:

Have a favorite? Let me know! More to come I am sure….
Back to this week in the football! Tom Brady has caught fire over the last few weeks while his former team has looked below average to say it nicely:

Carson Wentz was a Thursday night warrior, once again, I repeat, ONCE AGAIN, leading his team to victory with practice squad heroes and other team’s castoffs.

You can’t say anything to me when I watch that Wentz pass to Boston Scott, the Giant killer.
On the other side of the field, Danny Dimes struggled much of the night but burned the Eagles defense on an 80 yard…well just watch:

The Eagles played Thursday and the Ravens were on a bye, so I had the pleasure of watching the Titans vs Steelers while I made a chai tea latte, my mother-in-law’s ham and potato soup, a quiche! The food was great, the game, even better (lol kidding the food was heaven). This game had everything, including my favorite, pettiness:

The Titans came back in the second half to make this game really interesting, before veteran Super Bowl winning kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 45-yard game winning field goal, cue the Big Ben reaction video:

The Browns beat the Bengals on Sunday, but at the cost of Odell Beckham Jr who tore his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. Meanwhile in Bakerville, things are looking up?

The Falcon and Panthers kickoff Week 8 on Thursday, right as the Panthers are becoming fun to watch and Christian McCaffrey is flirting with his return! Who will we be meme-ing in Week 8? Let’s find out! Lastly, have a Happy Halloween!


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