Things Are Getting Interesting: Week 6 NFL Recap

We’ve somehow scratched and clawed our way through 6 weeks of NFL play! Sure, we had to expand our fantasy benches to accommodate the random missing players or teams from the weekly slate, but here we stand, staring down Week 7. Now, we question whenever a player is sick or absent from practice, could they have COVID? Odell Beckham had some thoughts:

The science does not support the idea a virus can be scared off, but hey, maybe the virus saw him fight that kicking net on the sideline that one time and said, “nah, not this guy!”
Moving on…just like the 3-3 Miami Dolphins are doing with their starting quarterback. The Dolphins announced they are benching Ryan Fitzpatrick(magic) in favor of rookie Tua Tagavailoa, and even though they drafted Tua to be the franchise, you can’t help but feel for Fitzpatrick:

Rumors are swirling that Fitzpatrick could wind up in Dallas, especially after Andy Dalton’s pathetic performance:

The absolute trash play of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday did bring a lot joy to the world, it provided us the most meme-able moment of the weekend! Something tells me this one isn’t going away for a longggg time:

And as an Eagles fan, you just hate to see it…

The Eagles gave the Ravens a run for their money on Sunday, hanging in a game they truly had no businesses being, but no thanks to Jamon Brown…take a look:

He was promptly cut this morning.
The Eagles, and other teams, are feeling the wrath of injuries cruising into Week 7, making this breaking news highly noteworthy:

The Seahawks, sitting at 5-0, appear to be the favorite to recruit Brown. I would hesitate if I were the Seahawks, not just because I have Tyler Lockett on my fantasy team, but because they have a good thing going (but more so for my fantasy team). Would you want Antonio Brown on your team?
Speaking of former Steelers’ stars, the rich got richer this week when newly freed Le’Veon Bell signed with the KC Chiefs. I can’t imagine the feeling of going from the worst team in the NFL to the best, but everyone around Bell knew better than to make the same mistake when choosing his new team:

Did we mention the Chiefs beat the Bills on Monday afternoon with their current running back, rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire running for 161 yards in the victory? Yikes!
Lastly, Tom Brady bested Aaron Rodgers in a night the Packers will hope to forget quickly!

And with that, let’s get to Week 7 starting with the Eagles and Giants on Thursday Night!


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