13 Warm-Takes from Week 6 in the NFL

NFL week 6 takeaways
  • Schitt’s Creek season 5 is on Netflix and if you aren’t or haven’t been watching, it’s never too late and I promise it’s worth the investment of your time. I would argue David Rose is one of the funniest TV characters since Leslie Knope.



  • Tyreek Hill came back scoring 2 TDs to remind everyone I’ve played against how good my teams would have been if he (and some others) wasn’t hurt for 5 weeks…
  • It was a rough week for NFC East teams NOT playing the Dolphins
  • NFL games Sunday mornings? I hate this take; I need every minute I can get before 1 pm on a Sunday.
  • Why you should “stream” if you can:
  • We were all Jets fans on Sunday and with the return of the savior Sam Darnold paired with their already tenacious defense, Dallas fell behind early and never recovered. I give the Jets fanbase a lot of credit for supporting another USC QB and crazy eyed-Adam Gase, but I think we would all appreciate them more if they beat the Patriots on Monday. Sammy Spleens lol
  • Titans QB Marcus Mariota was benched in favor of QB Ryan Tannehill and Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston threw 5 interceptions, signifying the end may be near for both of the top 2 picks from 2015…and to think the Eagles almost sold the farm for Mariota under the dumpster fire that was Chip Kelly (phew)
  • Stefon Diggs had a day with 3 TDs but was on most fantasy owners’ benches so that’s fun!
  • We all learned a new (old) rule in London this weekend:
  • Texans vs Chiefs wasn’t the QB duel we all hoped for, and now finally my boy Watson is being talked about in the same regard as Mahomes who struggled again this week compared to what we’ve come to expect…
  • I’m officially scared of the 49ers. 5-0 and seemingly getting stronger. Also, Robert Saleh you are officially internet famous now!
  • I’m super jealous of the Steelers fans for having a backup backup QB with the nickname Duck, that just screams greatness even if he isn’t particularly great.
  • A tweet that sums up everything this blog stands for:

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    • Liz 5 years ago

      So I started Diggs this week but I only wanted him to get a few yards, not 3 TDs! Ugh!!!

    • LAUREN M HERMAN 5 years ago

      SAMMY SPLEENS making a guest appearence!

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