Do’s and Don’ts of Fantasy Football Etiquette During Thanksgiving Dinner

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Fantasy Football Do’s and Don’ts During Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s just get this out of the way, thanksgiving is the best. Thanksgiving is the single greatest food day of the year, has perfect chilly but not too cold weather, and signifies the beginning of the holiday’s aka Christmas music and shopping sales (hello smart home purchases!). Chef Nick and I were talking a few weeks ago about some Thanksgiving-inspired posts, and he mentioned this topic in addition to some obviously great T-day inspired recipes coming soon! The fantasy season has had many ups and downs, and if you play in a family league like I do, you know the conversation could easily take a turn for the Cam Newton (aka worst aka my top QB that never has and will never play). I already get an ear-full from brother-in-law or worse, from my sister on behalf of my BIL, so if Thanksgiving means you need to face these monsters (JK love you both) in person, then we should all be armed with the proper fantasy football Thanksgiving etiquette as to not ruin the meal for everyone at the table who couldn’t care less.


Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Dinner Do’s and Don’ts

DO get the razzing done during appetizers or pre-dinner greetings

DON’T wait until your asking someone to pass the stuffing to remind them their team is garbage. If you missed the pre-dinner option, at least wait until dessert

DO make self-deprecating jokes if you are the hopeless team (me) in order to neutralize the expected attack

DON’T brag about your first-place team, there are too many weeks left in the season and too many injuries we don’t know we are about to endure still to come

DO talk about other teams and leagues you play in, maybe you can find some fun common ground, i.e same injured players or duds that became studs!

DON’T fly off the handlebars if one of your relatives makes some asinine, uneducated football related comment (not everyone is a student of the game…)

DO keep calm and keep eating. You can’t say anything mean if your shoving dinner rolls in your face!

DON’T give thanks for anything fantasy football related, that’s just tacky and you are better than that…

DO remind everyone (cough me cough) if you are the reigning champion, just to put everyone in their respective place

DON’T alienate other guests who are (for whatever reason) not interested or participating in a fantasy football league with your endless banter

DO drop the gloves and indulge in some good clean family games that can satisfy that competitive spirit among the fantasy league (we LOVE the JackBox Party Pack games, can’t recommend enough!)

DON’T withhold food or eat the last slice of pie in order to keep said item from your rival

DO offer your fellow league-mates something sweet as a peace offering, for just one night

DON’T worry if you think your team is JUST about to peak, bragging rights are still in play come Christmas/Hannukah parties in a few weeks!

DO make sure you eat everything and cheer for the Bills to beat the Cowboys!

We have no idea what to expect when we walk into the lion’s den of family and fantasy football on Thanksgiving, but if you follow these Do’s and Don’ts, we think you will have a lovely time! (Feel free to bring these Do’s and Don’ts for the people in your lives that you KNOW may need a gentle reminder of proper etiquette.)


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  • Liz 5 years ago

    I can think of at least three family members (one may or may not be myself) that are not going to adhere to this list!!

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