Longest Week Yet: Week 5 NFL Recap

Dak injury and other notes

Fantasy football players across the country had to wait an extra day to determine winners, losers, and waiver wire adds because we had football from Thursday until…Tuesday! In typical 2020 fashion, week 5 was weird, and some of the biggest news was off the field drama, but worry not, we have some important plays to talk about too! Let’s hit it!
First, as expected, the allergic-to-winning Falcons finally parted with head coach Dan Quinn and threw in GM Thomas Dimitroff for good measure. This news has left Jets fans yearning for something similar…

And on the heels of their own winless start, the Jets released the once-coveted running back and my bestie from an elevator ride in Pittsburgh, Le’Veon Bell. Be free Le’Veon, but don’t be a Patriot!

If I could boil Week 5 down to a few important moments, the first has to be the inspirational return of Washington QB Alex Smith. Everyone remembers Alex’s heartbreaking, gruesome injury, and even if you’ve seen this clip, it’s worth a second watch to see his family’s reaction to his incredible return:

The return of Alex Smith was definitely the highlight of the week, probably the season, and honestly the year! Unfortunately, injuries are a major part of the game, and each week we accumulate more. A scary moment occurred in Dallas on Sunday when Cowboy’s QB suffered a horrific ankle injury (I will spare you the replay). Tragic moments like Dak’s injury reminds you that the NFL is a community, both inside and outside with fans and players from across all professional leagues and cities wishing Dak well.

We all wish Dak a speedy recovery, but when one QB goes down, another is on the rise! Chargers’ QB Justin Herbert has made it impossible for coach Anthony Lynn to NOT play him, and he helped his cause on Monday night, despite falling to the New Orleans Saints:

In a covid-twist, the Buffalo Bills faced the Tennessee Titans on a Tuesday at a very reasonable 7pm start time (more of these please?). This game had the covid cloud lingering above it, with the Bills waiting in limbo knowing if they would play the Titans, and the Titans who’s facilities have been closed for almost 2 weeks, meaning no one knew what to expect from these two undefeated teams. Well, Derrick Henry had some thoughts…

The live reactions to this play were EVERYTHING and definitely the most meme-able moment of the week. Dalvin Cook saw that stiff arm and decided he needed to hit the weights:

Taylor Lewan’s family says hello:

And lastly…

Josh Norman getting stiff arm by Derrick Henry: pic.twitter.com/JZTSTmOUZa— Carsonsbling (@Carsonsbling) October 14, 2020

My advice for Josh Norman would be to stay of Twitter until at least 2021, but honestly, that’s probably advice we should all follow. Because the Bills played Tuesday, they will NOT play the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football and instead that game will move to Sunday unless more positive covid tests popup! So, enjoy a quick rest, wash your hands, and get your game face back on for the start of Week 6 next Sunday!


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