You (Don’t) Have The Clutch Gene and Other Week 14 Notes

NFL Fantasy Football

Last week Russell Wilson said something along the lines of, this team (Seattle) just has the clutch gene. Cue loss to the LA Rams one week later. I’d argue right around this time of the season we really start to get an idea of which players and teams are actually clutch, a term that will continuously be thrown around until the most clutch player is named Super Bowl MVP. To me, being clutch isn’t a one play, one game, or even a one-season kind of label, but because we can only deal in the present and our fantasy teams count on these clutch performances, let’s take a look at which players/teams are (or aren’t) coming up clutch!

I’d be remiss not to start this post with a nod to Eagles QB Carson Wentz and his clutch performance against the lowly Giants. Yes, it was the Giants, but don’t downplay the fact that Wentz may have the worst crop of receivers in the league and was down to 1 practice squad receiver in the final minutes of a must-win game. Wentz is on a quest to prove he is clutch, and with his back up against the wall, he helped lead a 14-point rally to tie using the likes of RB Boston Scott, WR Greg Ward, and TE Josh Perkins. Feel free to google them. The Eagles won in OT and have managed to keep the division title within reach. Go birds!

My second favorite clutch performance of the weekend was San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle. When his team needed him the most, Kittle refused to be denied, channeling his love for wrestling and muscling the 9ers to a chip shot field goal to beat the Saints in an extremely fun shootout.

I’ve been heaping praise on Titans QB Ryan Tannehill, but he just keeps displaying his clutch gene week after week with his receivers also rising to the occasion and making big play after big play.

The Duck has been decent over the last few weeks, but the Steelers defense, now they are CLUTCH. So clutch, ESPN just gave them an extra TD during fantasy this week (they literally just assumed they are THAT good).

Saints QB Drew Brees and WR Michael Thomas are as clutch as they come, but their defense let them down in a loss to the 49ers. Russell Wilson for all his clutch talk came up small, ending his touchdown streak in a loss the Rams. The Seahawks loss paired with the 49ers win pushes the Seahawks into the wildcard playoff spot meaning they make need to make a trip to Philly or Dallas.

QB Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are officially on a losing streak, and the once clutch dynasty now looks pedestrian especially on offense. You know who was clutch in this Patriots/Chiefs game, those referees! The Pats are in such dire straights they have resulted to filming the 1-win Bengals sideline illegally…

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Chicago Bears in a performance that was the complete opposite of clutch. The most un-clutch of them all was K Brett Maher, who was promptly cut by the Cowboys as heads continue to roll across the league.

For some, fantasy playoffs started this week. Clutch performances include QB Drew Brees 6 total TDs, WR Emmanuel Sanders 7-157-1, TE Zach Ertz 9-91-2, RB Todd Gurley with 79 yards and a TD on the ground plus 34 yards through the air, RB Derrick Henry with 103 yards and 2 TDs, RB Austin Ekeler who put up 101 yards on the ground and 4-112-1 receiving, and finally, Kicker, yes Kicker Jason Sanders one week removed from catching a TD pass against the Eagles, kicked 7 field goals in a loss to the Jets LOL.

Clutch your pearls because Week 15 will surely be wild!


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