Cam Newton’s Trendy Lewk, Big Ben’s Injured Elbow, And Other Week 2 Notes

cam newton

I thought I’d try something different this week. We all saw the game highlights whether it was before the national games, during the game breaks, or at the gym Tuesday morning. I don’t need to recap every game; you don’t need me to! So, let’s just have a fun conversation about what happened this weekend, shall we?

The Thursday game featured a battle of QBs that were trying their best not to win a game. Jameis vs Cam. I think the real treat from this game (because it certainly wasn’t Cam’s fantasy score, or OJ Howard’s, yikes) was the Cam Newton postgame press conference look that generated some truly iconic memes. I can’t top these memes; the internet always wins. Babushka Cam Newton, may he live on in his post-game pressers even if his arm is dead (I believe his arm will get better but that’s TBD). I really respect the Vogue article that came out defending Cam’s fashion choices by detailing that the babushka (headscarf) is trendy and people are haters because it doesn’t fit into the expectations of men’s style. But I want it to be known that we are not laughing at the femininity of a headscarf, it’s just that he looks like Mrs. Doubtfire and that can’t be unseen.

Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger both left their games with serious injuries (thumb and elbow respectively. Ben is done for the season). Let’s just say their backups did not show well for themselves. For the Saints, you have the once broken (literally) Teddy Bridgewater, who turned down a starting job in Miami to backup Drew Brees (clearly assuming he would get paid to never have to play a snap for the foreseeable future right?). Keep in mind the Saints also have THE Taysom Hill (who Payton described as the second coming of Steve Young LOL), you may know him from his incredibly untimely cameos at QB during Saints game (who takes out their HOF QB for a special teamer/sometimes QB?). The Saints found themselves early on facing the Rams with no Brees, Bridgewater in (playing significant time for probably the first time in years), and the second coming of Steve Young still doing WR, RB, and special teams duties. Makes total sense. The Rams crushed the lifeless Saints in the letdown version of the playoffs rematch from last year, not much of a game (though I am loving the city of New Orleans vs the Referees rivalry that keeps being ignited). As a personal side note, I am slowly losing my mind every time I watch the Rams at the goal line with Todd Gurley on the bench. I get it, he needs to not run the ball 800 times, but COME ON! Malcolm Brown is stealing all the fantasy points and I am NOT here for it (every year I have Gurley he’s meh, and every year I don’t, he lights it up. Am I the problem?).

As for Big Ben, his backup is Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State. I guess not everyone can have a Nick Foles step in and seamlessly guide their team to a Super Bowl, but let’s watch them try! Steelers are a far cry from the playoff institution they’ve been years prior, with a record of 0-2, and a James Conner tweaked knee, the compass is pointing down on the Steelers (fantasy note- I still like JuJu and Conner going forward). And when your team loses their veteran starting QB to a season-ending injury, the logical next step is to spend a first-round draft pick on a cornerback right?

I guess the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in September? Pete Carroll ran around the sidelines hugging people and celebrating in the locker room. I’m still confused, but I am here to remind everyone it’s only Week 2. That’s all (Miranda Priestly style).

I will say a Bear’s kicker winning the game in the final seconds is their version of the Super Bowl, so go on and celebrate Chicago!  

Let’s look at QB stocks on the rise, Kyler Murray flashed some serious skill in between errant throws, but after totaling over 300+ yards in each of his first two games, you get the vibe he has real potential (and this makes WR Larry Fitzgerald a solid fantasy play as well!). Lamar Jackson continued his strong start, running for over 100+ yards (as he does) but also connecting deep to WR Hollywood Brown and TE Mark Andrews through the air (I was able to snag Brown last week on the waiver in one of my leagues, I think the best is yet to come). Lastly, is Jimmy G finally back? We’ve heard for years when he was in New England, this guy is the real deal. He went to San Francisco and played well on a dreadful team before tearing his ACL early in Week 3 of the 2018 season. Now, he’s healthy, he has George Kittle, and a speedy receiver (Marquise Goodwin), and I’m ready to declare Jimmy G is BACK (let’s hope his knees get the same message)

In the Sunday night game, we had a Josh McCown sighting (every Eagles fan’s worst nightmare AGAIN) in what may become known as the early season body bag game for the Eagles that saw their top two receivers and starting-caliber tight end all exit before some even played a snap? Did anyone else reading this enter a blue tent during the game? Because if you did, it wouldn’t surprise me. The injuries were confusing and weird, and no information was really given (dreadful broadcast for Al and Cris), add to that Carson Wentz took a true beating (my dude is a warrior, was face down in the grass on almost every pass attempt but kept getting up and throwing game-saving passes while falling to his knees). Matt Ryan looked more like Matty-lukewarm with 3 INTs to go along with 3 TDs, but the Falcons prevailed (to my dismay). Fantasy note- Calvin Ridley went OFF. I have him in one of my leagues and he saved my weekend. Props.

My first thought while watching Monday Night Football was that I didn’t know how I felt about the Jets’ new uniforms. I literally couldn’t draw any conclusions, please tell me if they are good or bad! But after I wrote that OBJ caught a deep ball with one hand, fully demonstrating that designer watches are necessary pieces of football equipment (but what’s a star WR without a little helmet drama, I literally can’t). Carry on.

Final (fantasy) thoughts:

  • Jalen Ramsey (CB for Jax) has asked to be traded, and Jax is looking for at least a first-round pick for him. This could be a huge upgrade for a playoff contender’s defense. Keep an eye on it!
  • Randall Cobb (Dal WR) you’re up, with WR Michael Gallup is out for a few weeks.
  • If you need a WR, you may want to consider Eagles backup WR’s J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Mack Hollins with Alshon Jeffrey and Desean Jackson out for unknown lengths
  • SF RB Raheem Mostert got plenty of touches and looked good in the time he was given, may be worth an add in a deep league.
  • Some were high on Darwin Thompson before the season, but with LeSean McCoy and Damien Williams ailing, the KC backup RB maybe a nice fill-in.
  • Steelers WR James Washington played his college ball with newly in charge QB Mason Rudolph, look for Washington to Rudolph’s go-to-guy in the coming weeks.


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  • Liz 5 years ago

    Ok I died when I read “Babushka Cam Newton” haha! Also, I feel Cam was channeling his inner Whitney Houston circa the end of Bodyguard, airplane tarmac scene. Check it out. My bf and I actually really liked the Jets uniforms! And one more injury to the Eagles and I’m going to put myself in the blue medical tent of doom for the rest of the season.

  • Liz 5 years ago

    And I love the Devil Wears Prada reference! 😉

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