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We’ve only had few weeks of the NFL regular season AND of the new season Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC, this show is an institution, we are on season 14), but we have already experienced some truly game-changing injuries in both. Are you confused? Read on. Concussions are no laughing matter! Nearly every Eagles player (and one real housewife) was checked for one last week, so we thought we would recap this week in injuries- for fantasy, I swear (not to draw attention to more parallels between the NFL and real housewives even though they clearly exist…)!

I’d like to start by saying, every highly drafted player on both of my fantasy teams has been hurt in some capacity, most missing time, but not ENOUGH time to warrant being dropped. It’s infuriating. We have also suffered through seasons of RHOC injuries, like when Vicki was airlifted to a hospital after a dune buggy accident or when Tamra broke her foot in a hot tub in Mexico, so I am both prepared and accustomed to this situation. The NFL and the OC are both getting pretty physical these days (LOL). This week, we have the uncertainty of Marcus Mariota playing Thursday with a quad injury (spoiler alert, he is, or did, depending when you read this and when it is posted). In other news around the league, Bengals WR AJ Green is lightyears away from playing, young Bills RB Devin Singletary is dealing with a hamstring issue that could limit or sideline him this week, Eagles starting WRs Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey are out most likely at least two more games, Jet’s QBs are literally falling apart before our eyes leaving Luke Falk as the starter, and Colts skill players RB Marlon Mack and WR T.Y. Hilton were both limited in practice. Babushka Cam Newton looks unlikely to start, Cardinals RB David Johnson is a go for now, and Browns TE David Njoku broke his wrist so he won’t be seeing the field any time soon.

But the one injury we still aren’t sure about heading into next week is the Tres Amiga’s Shannon Beador and her non-concussion. Hopefully, everyone witnessed Shannon wearing a metal bowl on her head while Kelly Dodd (the new queen of the OC) struck (or whacked as described by Gina) said bowl with a mallet (ahahahhaha). The sequence of events post whack included Tamra mentioning she knew someone who had a head injury which led to his spinal fluid leaking (definitely helpful), a hysterical Shannon experiencing blurry vision after REMOVING her contacts (isn’t that normal?) and the follow-up of shining an iPhone flashlight directly into her eyes (it’s too good, I can’t handle it). I’m not sure where Shannon’s injury ranks among some of the greats like Curt Schilling pitching in the 2004 playoffs with a broken ankle, Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open with a torn ACL, and most recently Carson Wentz throwing a touchdown after tearing his ACL a play before. I’d say this is right up there, just under Chris Simms’ ruptured spleen. We need medical personnel on standby for these group outings, get me the top NFL trainers (maybe don’t after some players have recently questioned the abilities of the training staff, yikes). Naturally, Tamra and Shannon rushed to the ER for her head trauma where the episode ends with the dramatic question, “do you want to press charges?” because this was an “assault”. LOL! The entire Twitter-verse rolled their eyes in unison, can we all agree RHOC is BACK? (I know I just declared Jimmy G back but add RHOC to that list.) The injuries are piling up guys. Set your lineups and your DVRs because both are can’t miss TV. 

I’d like to note my dear friend Paige requested and inspired this post after witnessing this week’s events. I would also like to mention that this month’s Bark Box (hi Bark Box, want to work with me?) was legitimately TV themed (my fave), and Real Housewives was featured (see pic below). I am LIVING for this box, also when does Grey’s come back???

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  • Liz 5 years ago

    Loved the TV theme barkbox too! The Eagles training staff needs some help from Grey’s Anatomy or something to get these players healthy!!

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