Fast Food, Everything Hurts, and Other Week 9 Notes

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We are officially in the second half of the 2019 NFL season and aside from essentially a few solid teams (the undefeated teams 49ers and despite my personal feelings, the Saints), we know nothing more than we did to start the year about which teams are actually good and which are really bad. Each week we are fully reminded the only certainty in the NFL is uncertainty. It’s exciting, it’s painful, and in the words of the great philosopher Leslie Knope, this season makes me feel like


Over the last few weeks, QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers looked like the team to beat with Rodgers playing MVP-like and a defensive line that was swallowing QBs weekly. So naturally, they were nearly shut out week 9 by the perennially inconsistent LA Chargers. Could daylight savings be the culprit? Some may say yes…

The Vikings like to remind us every few weeks that they are still the Vikings, this time losing to backup QB Matt Moore and the KC Chiefs on a last second field goal. The Chiefs have most likely weathered the storm without QB Pat Mahomes, but the real story was, as it should be, chicken sandwiches (I fancy myself a chicken sandwich connoisseur):

MVP-candidate QB Deshaun Watson dazzled against the Jags in London, so much so that he made me actually like the early game. I bring this up only to mention once again, you guessed it, chicken sandwiches:

Should we stay with the fast food theme? I’ve never seen a player intro resonate with more people the way this one did:

Aside from the Taco Bell love, the Ravens and Patriots were battling for the title of best team either has beaten this year. Although the 2019 Patriots defense was already anointed the greatest since the 85 Bears despite playing dreadful teams, the dynamic Ravens offense lit them up for 37 points, much to the delight of pretty much every person across the country not from Boston. I’m also really mad I didn’t think of this (Is she finally on the Masked Singer??):

The Philadelphia Eagles looked like a great team and a bad team all in the course of one game against Mediocre Mitch and the Chicago Bears. The Eagles jumped out to a 19-0 lead only to see that cut to 19-14 before icing the game with a beautifully orchestrated and executed drive by Doug Pederson and QB Carson Wentz. Eagles RB Jordan Howard ripped off impressive run after impressive run and a TD to cap things off, reminding his old team what they traded away, and further endearing himself to the city of brotherly love both on and off the field:

One team that has made its identity crystal clear is those loveable Browns from Cleveland. Yup, there’s no doubt what this team is!

While the Jets are bad, we didn’t realize they were “lose to the Dolphins” bad and now Ramona-eyed Adam Gase is facing the dreaded NY media and worse, the fans…

While the Seattle Seahawks defense was suspect Sunday, QB Russell Wilson and the offense was anything but. Thoughts on the new front-runner for MVP?

The Indianapolis Colts have been a surprise success story this season, but with an injury to QB Jacoby Brissett’s knee, the team nearly stumbled to a victory over the beat-up Steelers if it wasn’t for a missed field goal by veteran and legend Adam Vinatieri…

I have nothing to say about the Cowboys or Giants so instead, I will do the obligatory MNF cat post of cats enjoying cats:

Fantasy wins and losses:

RB David Montgomery had 2 TDs in the loss to Philadelphia, signifying perhaps Matt Nagy has finally realized he’s good?

QB Aaron Rodgers let fantasy owners down big time in a surprising day, but don’t expect that to be a permanent thing…

WR Tyreek Hill doesn’t care who the QB is, he just continues to revive my fantasy teams

WR Tyler Lockett is putting up consistently huge numbers with the MVP-candidate QB Russell Wilson at the helm in Seattle

TE Zach Ertz had a breakout game which sounds crazy considering he is one of the Eagles top 2 weapons

RB Melvin Gordon finally showed up, so that’s nice!

RB Christian McCaffrey makes me so jealous that he’s not an Eagle

RB Jaylen Samuels stepped in for RB James Connor and performed admirably, catching 13 for 73 yards for those PPR points!

RB Carlos Hyde fumbled the ball at the 1-yard line following a great run, making his potentially great day just a good day for fantasy owners looking for a boost.

Instead of a gif, I leave you with this since I now live in Baltimore, this was truly the Monday mood and I’m here for it! Please watch all 37 seconds, it’s an investment in your happiness.

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