Goodbye B.O.B: Your Week 4 NFL Recap

Bill O'Brien fired

We lived in a dream world for 3 weeks of NFL football before the reality of the pandemic caught up with us. The Titans list of positive players and staff grew over the week leading to the Titans and Steelers getting the week off…throwing fantasy lineups into chaos. Further, Cam Newton tested positive on Sunday, which was greeted with reactions of “cancel the season” but somehow, in a way that seems to defy virus spread, the rest of the Patriots tested negative (except practice squad player Bill Murray!?) and although the game was moved to Monday, it was played (though I’m sure the Patriots wish it never happened, woof). We are also getting to the point in the season where winless teams may see some changes in staff, just ask the Texans!
To the surprise of no one, the man that traded the team’s best player and basically reinvented the Chip Kelly method of destroying a franchise was fired as a result of the team’s 0-4 start.

Bill O’Brien was both the coach and GM of the Texans, so naturally, after getting rid of DeAndre Hopkins and starting 0-4, the city was elated:

Many assumed it would be Adam Gase, head coach of the Jets, that would be given his pink slip first this season, but the Texans beat them to it! How are people feeling about this? Not great…

Jets’ fans, meet Texans fans! Enjoy your tortured existence together and maybe even call your friends in Atlanta where Dan Quinn was also in the running for first fired coach of the cursed 2020 season.

Last one I promise!

Speaking of teams looking for new coaches, Mike McCarthy took over this year for Jason Garrett in Dallas, and is 1-3 in the early goings. Sure, Dak has thrown for a million yards but at the end of the day their defense is garbage, and the offensive numbers are moot. Packers fans don’t seem to be missing the old days:

The Cowboys hadddd to draft Ceedee Lamb instead of a stud defensive player in the first round after losing important defensive starters, and I don’t think that falls on Mike McCarthy, Jerry.
Down in Washington, new head coach Ron Rivera inherited young QB Dwayne Haskins but is already feeling unsure about his guy 4 games into the season:

The alternative is Case Keenum? I don’t get it. Alternatively, Ron is in the throws of a bigger battle, one with cancer. He was seen sitting on the sideline periodically during the game and has recently spoken up on the need for quality healthcare for everyone:

In other notes around the league, Tom Brady threw 5 TDs for Tompa Bay haunting the memories of Patriots fans as Brian Hoyer started for the Pats in their delayed game only to be benched for Jared Stidham, only to be benched for anyone else (that didn’t happen but I thought we could see Edelman there for a minute).

The Buffalo Bills are 4-0, Josh Allen is an MVP-candidate, and Stefon Diggs definitely doesn’t miss Kirk Cousins:

In the Eagles first win of the season, Carson Wentz threw a touchdown to a guy in a white 13 jersey, giving pause to Philadelphians everywhere when they learned it was Travis Fulgham, the latest practice squad call-up/hero:

If you hadn’t noticed, we NEVER forget in Philly…
Cheer to another week, even if it was a weird one. Week 5 here we go!


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