Housewives and Hockey, Welcome to 2020

fantasy housewives

Times have changed my friends, believe it or not, somewhere in the realm of sports and reality TV (aka the centers of my universe) are an intersection of which this blog has JUST begun to scratch the surface. Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly…) the Philadelphia Flyers, my hometown hockey team, has supported my life’s work by offering a ticket package that includes a ticket to the Flyers game AND the Dorinda Medley 80’s aerobics experience (as noted here by blog supporter/housewives aficionado Kevin Kinkead) – seriously what could be better?


Over the last few years, we’ve seen MLB teams offer tickets for a night game/post-game concert (I have personally watched the Phillies lose but then danced in my seat to Zedd…and I liked it!). The trend suggests teams are looking to incentivize attendance for whatever reason- maybe a down year, down ticket sales across leagues in general, or that the fan base that enjoys a sporting event may also enjoy music and reality TV! More entertainment = better. But also, is it possible the overlap is bigger than we think? Men and women after work watching TV on the couch, flipping between “the game” and Bravo is the REALEST of realities. Raise your hand if you recorded Below Deck so you can watch the CFB National Championship Game but were also thrilled to have uninterrupted Vanderpump Rules on Tuesday…Hi and same! At first glance, one would assume Dorinda’s Doorobics event benefits from the Flyers’ publicity and fan base, but I’ve heard from a long-time season ticket holder that he can barely give his tickets away, so perhaps the Flyers will get a Dorinda boost (aerobically and financially).

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In all fairness, Dorinda Medley, a Real Housewife of New York (RHONY), is probably more famous and recognizable than most hockey players (excluding the superstars), and if you know Dorinda (like we do), then you know she (and her cast) is DEFINITELY more entertaining than the average regular season NHL game (don’t get it twisted, playoff hockey is the premier playoff sport). But really, has Claude Giroux ever “made it nice”? Does the Wells Fargo Center have a fish room?

fish room real house wives

Does a 4th line defensemen CLIPPPPPP at opposing players?


If Cabaret with Countess and Straight Up with Stassi (live podcast) can tour the country, selling out shows and making a real living, it’s possible we are witnessing a shift in modern day live entertainment for the family…and we are HERE for it!


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