Lazy Sunday: How To Eat Well On Sunday Without Cooking

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Some weeks you just don’t have the time or energy to make a fun game-day recipe. If you’re like me, between grocery shopping, walking the dog, doing laundry, and anything else that pops up, somedays Sundays feel as busy as Mondays. I am not a big fan of the Sunday morning game, but that’s just me. I need every spare second on Sunday because come 1 pm, you can’t pay me to leave my couch and TV. So, what are the best food options for a kitchen-free Sunday? Let’s go over the best options on a scale of the “most lazy” (this is a scale, but yes the proper word would be laziest) to “least lazy” (no judgment here I’ve literally done all of these in some form):

Most Lazy: Apps like DoorDash and UberEats make it so easy for any food you want to be delivered right to your door. In this case, anything you want that screams football Sunday to you, go for it! Delivery foods that are my game-day go to’s include the usual pizza and wings, but if you’re feeling different, some sushi is always welcomed in my home. 

Medium Lazy: You are driving around finishing your errands, you swing by your favorite hoagie shop (or WaWa) and grab a couple Italians or turkey and provolones and a big bag of crunchy kettle chips. This is one of my favorite game-day meals- perfect for lunch or dinner (aka 1 pm or 4 pm games!). I prefer to buy bigger sandwiches, eat some during the first game, the rest during the second. These are the hacks that get me through the nail biters because I am totally a nervous eater.

best food while watching football

Somewhat Lazy: If you’re already at the grocery store grabbing a few things, feel free to also swipe some cheese, crackers, and pepperoni (or whatever meat you prefer), maybe some honey mustard too! You don’t have to cook just cut (and honestly cheese comes pre-cut these days, what a world) and serve! I like a snack I can graze on all day long, so maybe I’ll add some chips and guac to this mix (store-bought or make the guac yourself, again this is the “somewhat” lazy category so you could theoretically cut up some avocados, onion, and tomatoes in 3 minutes max), and graze until my heart is content. If you are a sweet and salty person like me, this salty feast might beg for a sweet treat, one of my favorite store-bought cookies are Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (green bag, you can’t miss them)!

food while watching football
Guacamole in porcelain souce boat and nachos

Least Lazy: I love the fall weather and colder months because I love sweatshirts, football, and my crockpot. I don’t really consider crockpot cooking to be “active cooking” so if I run to the store Saturday night or Sunday morning, I love throwing a roast in the crockpot that will be perfectly ready come 4/5 pm for the late games! If this is more work than you’re willing to put in on a Sunday, I totally understand, but think about the leftovers…(future you will be soooo happy!) I recently made Ree Drummonds “Drip Beef” or crockpot Italian Beef, it’s honestly too easy. A jar of pepperoncini (with juice), beef stock, and a roast- 8 hours on low, served on toasted rolls with provolone cheese (I took the beef by itself for lunch with some veggies to get more mileage out of it during the week!). Since we are still in the Least Lazy section, for a sweet treat this time of year I love the Pillsbury easy-bake sugar cookies with seasonal designs (pumpkins, ghosts, snowmen, etc). I keep these in the fridge and make them to order essentially, baking a handful at a time because I ONLY enjoy these HOT! This requires you throwing raw cookies on a baking sheet so minimal kitchen time I promise!

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  • Liz 5 years ago

    Today is a medium lazy (and ultra rainy) Sunday for me! Ran to Costco and got a chicken Alfredo bake to just pop in the oven! Now I’m home for the day and keeping my fingers crossed that Orlando “Scam”drick’s comments light a fire under the Eagles’ butts!!

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