Philadelphians Catch Babies Better Than The Eagles Catch Footballs And Other Week 3 Notes

sweet sweet fantasy football

By now, and for the 100th time, you’ve probably heard that the grateful Antonio Brown from Friday once again turned into the unhinged version by Sunday morning. The good news for everyone is AB said he is no longer going to the play in the NFL (I love quitting when you’ve basically been fired, total power move LOL), so we can all take a big sigh of relief for the time being. If you want more drama (or comedy), scroll down to my Emmy’s recap!

Thursday’s game was all about the mustache himself Gardner Minshew, the latest in the trend of young QBs delivering big for their teams so far this season. Jacksonville has yet to trade star CB Jalen Ramsey as of this post, but the situation seems like it will bubble over at some point with Ramsey calling in sick on Monday (we’ve all been there!).  

The Eagles fell short to the Lions in a game that featured 8 costly drops (and 2 fumbles) by Eagles players (filling in for the injured WRs DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey). Their play was so infuriating, even the Dean of Admissions from the University of Pennsylvania had to give the team a piece of his mind (he is all of us, though you would expect it to be a well thought out, ivy-league type piece of his mind).

Shortly after, this Philadelphia treasure unleashed his thoughts on the performance of Eagles WR Nelson Agholor after catching children thrown from a burning building (we really don’t quit):

*Update- Nelson Agholor invited the guy that trolled him to a game, classy move Nelly.

The Eagles have a short turnaround heading up the Lambeau field to take on the Packers Thursday night.

The Ravens squared off against the Chiefs in a battle of two young star QBs Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes. No Tyreek Hill, still no problem as it seems whichever receivers the Chiefs trot out there all they do is catch touchdowns. Ravens RB Mark Ingram picked up 3 touchdowns for a big-time fantasy day for owners as the Ravens mounted a comeback that fell short. This may be a matchup we see later in the postseason if we’re lucky!

I was scared to take Vikings RB Dalvin Cook this year in fantasy (and I didn’t) because the injuries were season killers, but this healthy Cook has his sights set on being one of the best backs in the league and is racking up the fantasy points. Tip of the cap to Dalvin, you’ve proven me wrong so far.

The Saints stuck with QB Teddy Bridgewater (despite Coach Sean Payton’s snippy response to reporters suggesting Taysom Hill might not be the 2nd QB), and it paid off with 2 TDs from Bridgewater which was aided by a special teams and defensive score for the Saints who upended the Seahawks (fantasy owners most likely benefitted from some major garbage time points from Seahawks QB Wilson, WR Lockett, and TE Dissly).

Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones (Danny Dimes? Are we really doing that already?) was looking like Moses parting the Red Sea and walking into the endzone for the game-winning score (Eli could NEVER) vs the Buccaneers who continue to reel from drafting a kicker in the second-round years ago (they waited until the 5th round draft the time around, picking Matt Gay, the 9th kicker in the last 8 seasons for TB, and he still missed the go-ahead 34 yard field goal!). Giants fans are probably feeling a range of emotions as the win came at the cost of RB Saquan Barkley who left the game with an ankle injury and appeared on the sideline in a walking boot with crutches (Backup RB Wayne Gallman is your waiver wire pickup here). Despite losing, Tampa Bay WR Mike Evans had a monstrous performance (8-190-3) but his career thus far has been tainted (his numbers are still great, but he could be even better) by inconsistent QB play from Jameis Winston. I’d love to see Evans on a real contender because he is next-level good.

The Bills are 3-0, let’s all just let that sink in.

Panthers QB Kyle Allen made everyone forget about Cam Newton’s arm, foot, and style choices for a week. Panthers beat the Cardinals 38-20 with a major dose of RB Christian McCaffery.

Bears coach Matt Nagy continues to torture fantasy owners of RB David Montgomery (me) by insisting on running the ball with every other player on the roster except Montgomery and even taking him out in the red zone. When Montgomery was given a chance, he flourished in the second half, but it was too little too late for my fantasy squad and now I lost a bet to my brother-in-law, thanks Nagy. Bears WR Taylor Gabriel exploded for 3 TDs and the Bears wiped the floor with the hapless team from Washington.  

If you got bored watching two teams trade field goals in the first half, the Emmy’s were on Sunday night, and you know I loooveee my TV (even if Bravo doesn’t get recognized for anything but Top Chef, I actually watch other shows too. But I cannot reiterate the Real Housewives of New York and their production team undoubtedly deserve an Emmy)! I love that Tony Shalhoub has surpassed his Monk stardom (yes, I grew up watching Monk with my Dad, I thought that was normal) winning an Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I nearly screamed when my idol Amy Poehler presented an award with the queen Moira Rose (aka Catherine O’Hara) because I live for funny women. Ken Jeong asked Nick Cannon if he still talks to blog inspiration Mariah Carey, and if you were playing a drinking game for every time you heard the name Palladino or Fleabag, you were probably feeling really good…I can confidently say “Nailed It!” was robbed for best competition show, do yourself a favor and binge immediately (Netflix btw) and Sir Brienne of Tarth received the best ovation of any Game of Thrones character (deservingly so). Game of Thrones also snagged Outstanding Drama Series, Peter Dinklage won for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Twitter was sufficiently outraged by neither Lena Headey nor Emilia Clarke winning for their iconic roles. But my favorite moment (aside from comedic acceptance speeches) was a gem of a skit from (another personal idol) Maya Rudolph and Ike Barinholtz, the funny literally oozes from her, I can’t! (see full skit here https://twitter.com/Slate/status/1175970655961042944):

*Notable shows that didn’t win awards but are some of my absolute faves include The Good Place, Schitt’s Creek, Documentary Now, and Barry (according to my husband but it’s on my list!).


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